IEEE International Symposium on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks
12–13 July 2021 // Virtual Conference


Networking in the New Normal: The Past, Present, and Future


The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the world into a new normal. Not only are research, business, education, and entertainment have shifted online, but also many of our daily activities are becoming remote too. Recent technological advances in networking present unique opportunities to help settle us into this new normal. However, at the same time, they pose numerous challenges that must be addressed, such as scalable and pervasive connectivity, sustainable networking, and new application paradigms for all aspects of online activities.
In this panel, we will discuss with our panelists (who are all experts in key areas of networking: cloud, datacenters, edge, and mobile networks) how they have seen networking evolve in the past year. What has changed during this time? What steps are being taken to address those changes? And what are the new-and-open challenges that lie ahead in this new normal?

Moderator and organizer: